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Nordex in brief:

NORDEX is Belgium’s most important producer of interior doors, with a range that includes both a classic and a modern line.

Every design, whether classic or modern, is produced entirely in-house and according to our own philosophy. NORDEX believes that a door is a way to communicate. A door can be inviting or closing. Who or what is hiding behind the door? To which side does it open? Where is the door handle located? All of these are questions that call for an appropriate answer. In addition NORDEX manufactures matching staircases, wodden floors and wall cabinets for a nice overall concept into your home.

The family company has a tradition of constant renewal.  Late 70s already appeared in the workplace one of the first CNC'driven woodworking machinery of Europe.  Today the whole production is digitized. But the link with the classic craft remains: fine finishes and manufacturing specific parts still happen in the traditional way.